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PNP FOIL ON CMYK PROCESS COLORS ; Designed for printing on foil or similar substrates. Silk No: 90-120 T stencils are recommended for application.


PNP G10 GLITTER CLEAR ; This is a base and is designed to be mixed with 15-20% glitter powder. Before application, 1% PNP K10 Catalyst is added to increase washing fastness (resistance). For the printing of this product, Silk No: 12-32T template is used according to the size of the glitter particles. It is also a suitable ground base for product spreading effects. 160°C is required for the curing temperature.


PNP G20, G30, G40 METALLIC BASE ; For gold, silver and copper gilding print effects, silk no: 32-43 T stencils are recommended.


PNP G60 PHOSPHORUS BASE ; This product is designed for the "Glow In The Dark" effect. Recommended silk No: 32-43T, 160°C is required for the curing temperature.

F10 ELASTIC ADHESIVE ; It is a multi-purpose base and is suitable for many types of printing. It is mainly used for printing a transparent, elastic sole.

By adding 1% PNP K10, silk no:27-62T prints are made with flock, foil, bead, sequins and scattering method. It is printed between 32-54 T for flock and by giving a low height to the template. It is also used to increase flexibility and washing resistance by adding to standard and special effect paints in the PNP Series.


Y10 HIGH DENSITY CLEAR ; This product is printed with high emission No: 12-32 T stencil. In order to obtain high color printing, Max 15% PNP COLOR PHTHALATE-FREE PLASTISOL paint is mixed to obtain sharp lines and various special effects. For smooth surface min. It is pressed and dried in 2 layers.


PNP EE Y11 EXTREME ELASTIC HIGH DENSITY CLEAR ; When this product is printed with high emissivity 32-43 T no silk, it is designed to produce an infinitely elastic, soft and transparent print as water. In order to print with infinite elastic high color, printing is done by mixing maximum 15% color. In addition, 3D images are obtained when it is printed on plain printed colors with a high emission plate as a topcoat. The curing temperature is 160°C.


PNP P10 PUFF BASE ; It is produced for mixing with PNP dyes and for expansion (swelling) of the print. Max. 40% is added. Recommended mixing ratios; 40% PNP COLOR + 40% PNP P10 EMBOSSED + 20% PNP CLEAR BASE. Recommended silk no:32-43t flat template.


PNP EE P11 EXTREME ELASTIC PUFF BASE ; It is a ready-to-use embossing designed for fabrics such as diver (scuba), swimwear, rib and tracksuit. Silk No:32-43 T high emissivity template recommended for use. It is embossed in pastel colors with a 15-25% color mixture, in an "eggshell" appearance.

It is suitable for automatic machines, fast printing and hand-held table printing. Due to its oil-based structure, it does not dry out in the mold. It is suitable for printing on 100% cotton, cotton blends and many synthetic fabrics as well as for conventional transfer printing. To ensure full washing fastness, it must be cured at 160°C. Fixing time is 1-3 minutes depending on fabric type, paint color (dark colors cure faster than light colors), thickness and extent of applied paint, and application equipment. Application molds and tools are cleaned with thinner. CWinks PNP PLASTISOLS are stored at 5-30°C.

Important Advice: In line with the preliminary information we have given, test the ink before printing and confirm its suitability.

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