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PNP FL-FLUORESCENT COLORS; It consists of 8 colors. Silk No: 43-90 T is used in applications.  

It is suitable for automatic machines, fast printing and hand-held table printing. Due to its oil-based structure, it does not dry out in the mold. It is suitable for printing on 100% cotton, cotton blends and many synthetic fabrics as well as for conventional transfer printing. To ensure full washing fastness, it must be cured at 160°C. Fixing time is 1-3 minutes depending on fabric type, paint color (dark colors cure faster than light colors), thickness and extent of applied paint, and application equipment. Application molds and tools are cleaned with thinner. CWinks PNP PLASTISOLS are stored at 5-30°C.

Important Advice:
In line with the preliminary information we have given, test the ink before printing and confirm its suitability.

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